Manage your membership with TOTAL FREEDOM!

Freeze Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • Freeze up to 40 weeks at a time
  • One day notice to freeze an account

Cancel Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • One day notice to cancel an account
  • Must repay start up fee if resigns back up

Modify an Account:

  • Change level of membership and recurring fee
  • Change last name or billing address

Modify a Credit Card:

  • Processed through a secure site
  • Change credit card or debit card on file
  • Update card exp date
  • Pay off account balance


Tanning memberships with SUNCHAIN are the best way to save money on tanning.

  • Free Refresher Baskets
  • Discounts on Lotions and Apparel
  • Discounts on specialty beds
  • Tan at all valley locations


We are available Valley Wide

All of our locations are built to the highest quality and performance to deliver the best Signature Tanning Experience™

Sunchain Tanning