Premier Bed

Level 1 
Build, Relax and Maintain
Use this bed to escape your busy day and create an excellent tan
$45 for 30 Days

Speed Bed

Level 2 and 3
In a hurry? These are stronger and faster beds to get you in and out


Level 4
Darker, Faster and Longer Lasting
When you want the best state of the art performance and comfort.

UV Free

Mystic Spray and Custom Airbrush Spray
Same Day instant color, Premium Solution. If you don’t have time to build a tan, get one instantly that lasts 7-14 days
$25 Mystic Spray Tan

Just like your signature, your body is unique, like no other. We developed the Signature Tanning Experience™ to ensure you achieve the best results in a healthy, responsible way.

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