Achieve Your Best Tan

With winter right around the corner, many people are looking for the best ways to keep their summer glow! Follow these tips below and you will be rocking that glow year round!

  • Tan with a tanning lotion. Without a tanning lotion, you lose the first 5-7 minutes of your tanning time because it is more difficult for bare skin to absorb the rays. Tanning lotions can also increase the life of your tan, deepen the color, moisturize skin, and protect skin against premature aging!

  • Never increase your time by too much. A good increase in time is around 1-3 minutes depending on your skin. Increasing by too much can cause burning and discomfort. Watch how your skin reacts and listen to your Tanning Professionals to figure out what time is best for you.

  • Make sure to give your skin a break; do not tan every day. Just like anything, tan in moderation. When building a bas tan, try tanning 2 days on and 1 day off. This will give your skin a break and keep your skin from hitting a color plateau. When maintaining your tan, depending on your skin, a few sessions a week can keep your color from fading.

  • MOISTURIZE! Tan extenders are amazing! During the winter, skin becomes more dry causing skin to flake. Keep your skin soft and glowing by always moisturizing especially after tanning and showering.

With the help of a Sunchain tanning professional and these tips, you will have sexy, glowing skin all year round!

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