Benefits of UV Exposure

When talking about the effects of UV exposure it is important to address the positive effects it has on your body both inside and out. With much emphasis placed on the negative effects of UV exposure in the media lately, we believe it is equally important to highlight the proven benefits for your mind, body and soul. In an ongoing effort to provide insightful health information we have provided informative links which are aimed at educating our customers. Find some of the many wonderful benefits of UV exposure and how they can help you, your family, and friends

Indoor tanning beds provide a viable alternative to natural sunlight, provided they are used sensibly. Studies show a positive association between tanning bed use and higher serum levels of vitamin D. One case study successfully used a tanning bed as the method of treatment for vitamin D deficiency due to Crohn’s disease. As with natural sunlight, vitamin D production from a tanning bed happens within minutes. Actual tanning of the skin and overexposure are not necessary
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As you know, sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D. This nutrient helps boost your immune system, fight cancer, lower your risk of osteoporosis, control blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, and so much more. And, of course, when you don’t get enough of it, you’re opening yourself up to all sorts of problems.

One new study published in Clinical Endocrinology confirms earlier research, which shows that the less D you have, the sooner you’ll kick the bucket.

Believe me, you don’t just want this stuff – you need it.

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Dermatologist Appointment #3: Large Medical Building In Pacific Heights

These dermatology offices all seem to subscribe to the exact same Botox pamphlets and literature. Sure the sun gets a bad rap from dermatologists, but that’s nothing compared to their take on indoor tanning booths. Dermatologists, along with the media, have launched a full out blitzkrieg on the tanning industry. A recent 20/20 report made it seem like indoor tanning was as dangerous as putting the bronze barrel of a gun in your mouth. If I were to believe their reports, an indoor tanning session is as deadly as arsenic and as addictive as heroin.

Meanwhile, dermatologists sell indoor tanning sessions in their own offices for up to $100 a visit to treat cosmetic skin conditions. Could some of their angst at indoor tanning be about profit? A January 2009 article states that some psoriasis patients have benefited from commercial-grade tanning beds that use UVB radiation; many of which are actively in use in dermatologists office across America. The indoor tanning industry reports that 1 million clients are actually referred to them annually by dermatologists to treat psoriasis, eczema and other cosmetic skin conditions. But stepping into a tanning booth, according to dermatology lobbying groups, is about as dangerous as jumping in front of a speeding truck. UV light, in the form of sun or indoor tanning, produces vitamin D. (Affectionately known as the “sunshine vitamin.”) Surely dermatologists must see some benefit in moderate UV light?

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