How to optimize your tanning!

How often should I be tanning? How does the tanning process work? How do I get super dark?! These are all questions our tanning professionals hear often, and there is a simple scientific explanation: When building your base tan, or to get darker color results, you want to be tanning every 2 to 3 days.

The combo of UVA and UVB in a Tanning bed stimulates melanin production within 5-7 minutes of exposure. As soon as the bed shuts off, the melanin stops being produced and is held in the Melanocyte for 24 hours. Once it’s been 24 hours, then the melanin gets released into the skin as a clear liquid substance. Then it takes your body 0-6 hours to oxidize the melanin and turn it from clear to brown. This is why we recommend tanning two days on, then one day off, then two days on, to build the best base tan.

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