Due to the state mandatory Stay at Home Order, Sunchain has decided to remain closed until May 3rd and will re-open on Monday May 4th. When Sunchain re-opens on May 4th, all clients will be compensated for time lost and all membership billings will be put on hold until May 9th.

Again, thank you all for your understanding and support during this difficult time. If you have any questions, concerns or need to cancel or pause your membership for a longer period of time, please fill out a form through the “My Membership” Tab on this page.  Stay Safe Everyone!

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Unlimited Tanning Bed Memberships

Level 2    Simple and Easy    $26

Level 3    Power and Speed   $66

Level 4    Power and Luxury   $76

Level 5    Get Dark Fast          $96

  • Level 5 only available at the Ahwatukee and Old Town Scottsdale salons

UV Free Unlimited Spray Tanning Memberships

Mystic   Same Day Color   $66

  • Only available at Old Town Scottsdale and East Mesa salons

Mystic HD or Mystic Kyss  $76

Only available at the Paradise Valley and Ahwatukee salons

Custom Air-brush Spray    $96

All Access Membership  $99 Tanning in All Levels+ Sprays

*$30 Start-up fee accessed to start all memberships

Additional perks for signing up on a membership include:

  • Discounts on lotions and products
  • Discounts on upgrading to higher level beds
  • Access to all locations
  • Easy one day cancel and freeze options at no cost

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Is a Sunchain Tanning Membership Not for You?

Sunchain also, offers a variety of Session and Event Unlimited Tanning packages

Sessions Tanning Packages

  • Buy a Single Session or a Package of 5 or 10 Sessions
  • Built for Sporadic Clients, Tanning Sessions Never Expire
  • Offered in all Levels of Tanning and Spray Tanning

Event Unlimited Tanning Packages

  • Offered in a 1 Week, 2 Week and 1 Month Unlimited
  • Only Offered in Tanning Levels 2-5
  • Built for Clients who are Tanning for an Event or Short Term Tanners

Just like your signature, your body is unique, like no other. We developed the Signature Tanning Experience™ to ensure you achieve the best results in a healthy, responsible way.

Welcome to Sunchain


Tanning memberships with SUNCHAIN are the best way to save money on tanning.

  • Free Refresher Baskets
  • Discounts on Lotions and Apparel
  • Discounts on specialty beds
  • Tan at all valley locations


We are available Valley Wide

All of our locations are built to the highest quality and performance to deliver the best Signature Tanning Experience™

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