Manage your membership with TOTAL FREEDOM!

Manage Your Membership With Total Freedom!

Sunchain Tanning offers an online membership form that makes it very EASY and CONVENIENT for you to manage your own membership.

Not only can you sign-up online, but you can also FREEZE or CANCEL your membership with no fees and with only a one-day notice! We also understand that there are so many online subscriptions people try to keep up with when they get a new credit card, so we have made it possible for our tanners to change any billing information on their own at home!

Just fill out the form below and enjoy managing your own membership online.

If any questions or troubles arise, please feel free to contact any of our Sunchain locations during business hours, as any of our tanning professionals will be happy to help!

Free of Contracts ~ Free to Freeze ~ Free to Be

Freeze Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • Freeze Up to 40 Weeks at a Time
  • One Day Notice to Freeze an Account

Cancel Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • One Day Notice to Cancel an Account
  • Must Repay the Start-up Fee if Resigns Back Up

Modify an Account:

  • Change Level of Membership & Recurring Fee
  • Change Last Name or Billing Address

Modify a Credit Card:

  • Processed Through a Secure Site
  • Change Credit or Debit Card on File
  • Update Card Expiration Date
  • Pay Off Account Balance