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Due to the state mandatory Stay at Home Order, Sunchain has decided to remain closed until May 3rd and will re-open on Monday May 4th. When Sunchain re-opens on May 4th, all clients will be compensated for time lost and all membership billings will be put on hold until May 9th.

If you were unable to tan on your full 4 weeks of tanning, that you already paid for, due to closing March 18th, then Sunchain will compensate time lost by pushing out your billing to May 16th or May 23rd.

If you would like to stay paused longer than May 9th then please fill out a freeze form below. Please include a freeze end date, as the max time to freeze is 40 weeks at a time. There is no cost to freezing and you can unfreeze early by walking into any Sunchain salon.

Freeze Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • Freeze up to 40 weeks at a time
  • One day notice to freeze an account

Cancel Options:

  • Zero Cost
  • One day notice to cancel an account
  • Must repay start up fee if resigns back up

Modify an Account:

  • Change level of membership and recurring fee
  • Change last name or billing address

Modify a Credit Card:

  • Processed through a secure site
  • Change credit card or debit card on file
  • Update card exp date
  • Pay off account balance


Tanning memberships with SUNCHAIN are the best way to save money on tanning.

  • Free Refresher Baskets
  • Discounts on Lotions and Apparel
  • Discounts on specialty beds
  • Tan at all valley locations


We are available Valley Wide

All of our locations are built to the highest quality and performance to deliver the best Signature Tanning Experience™

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