Vitamin D

When was the last time you got your daily dose of vitamin D? For years we have known that vitamin D is important to our health and, in recent years, we are starting to learn the best ways to get our daily dose. You can get vitamin D in multiple ways including vitamin D supplement, certain foods, and UV rays. The most direct and beneficial way to get your daily dose is through UV exposure; skin can easily absorb the rays.

Why is vitamin D so important? Besides adding a spring to your step, vitamin D can keep you healthy. Being exposed to UV rays 3 times a week for just 10 minutes can boost your immune system, aid in the absorption of vital nutrients, regulate blood pressure, and strengthen bones. An easy and convenient way to get a dose of vitamin D, as well as a boost of color, is through the use of tanning beds. You will not only look great with your sexy color, but you will also be supplying your body with a vital nutrient that is needed for it to function properly!

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